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Each player must take one action on their turn. Each spot is coded to one of the four weapon types and a player can only place it with an active demand token or one where the token has already been removed. Many will offer different ways to make money; while others will provide a player with rule-breaking abilities. Its dual sided to accommodate a different number of players and features some thematic fantasy art. Game Overview: In, battle, merchants, youre out to make the most money by crafting, forging, and selling weapons to armies in need.

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Options include: During the game, players will be increasing their craft level; this makes their weapons stronger in battles. To do so, they take the weapon token and place it on a matching battlefield spot. Everyone knows that the real winners in war are the weapons dealers, because at the end of the day, money is king. Thats where the big bucks are. Battle, as a throwback to the underrated Nicholas Cage movie Lords of War. Overall they are a nice touch that helps each game to play out just schlafwelt 10 rabatt a little differently. If you are interested in getting a copy for yourself, you can get it for. Sell One weapon: A player can sell one weapon they have already crafted to one of the armies on the game board. After a few cleanup actions the next season begins. Kingdom cards let player break the game rules in certain ways. I love cards that help you to break the rules.