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baking powder and use the paste to brush the tounge and inside of the cheeks while also brushing. Do this before bed, and it will be bearable by morning. Dr on TV said, 200 yrs ago it was used as a medicine, before it became a sweet. It started up out of nowhere, seemingly, and has not let. The results came back clear. The damn thing is a curce, taken over most of life. Tuna salmon tuna salmon.

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Now, my tongue goes pale white and furry on the top, and rudolph the reindeer red at the tip. They knew more advanced stuff too, like that you don't measure the internal resistance of a battery by putting an ohmmeter across. This hurts like crazy for a few minutes and continues to sting for up to an hour, but the results are astonishing. I am going to try the silver nitrate sticks, L-Lysine 500 mg 3x a day, colloid silver, and TCP. I also now use a cream (here it's called Cikaflogo and contains the usual Aloe Vera etc - cost 8 avis gutschein wochenende euro) and I find that if I start applying the cream as soon as I see the ulcer, then the ulcer doesn't grow very big. It's been uplifting to know you are out there, though I'm sorry you are suffering too.

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